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Welcome to Wildwood Academy of Music and the Arts!

Wildwood Academy of Music and the Arts (WAMA) is a summer music festival and arts camp designed for students ages 6–18 who are interested in studying music. The academy’s mission is to provide music and arts education of the highest quality to students of all ages and backgrounds. Supported in a creative and musically nurturing environment, WAMA students learn and perform alongside professional faculty and guest artists from across the country. We invite your students to explore and develop their musical abilities with us this summer!

Apply now for Summer 2016 sessions

WAMA offers six sessions for beginner, intermediate, and advanced music students:

WILDMusic Beginner Instrumental Instruction ($250): July 11 – July 15 (1 week)
WILDMusic Beginner Vocal Instruction ($250): July 18 – July 22 (1 week)

Intermediate Instrumental Instruction ($200): July 5 – July 8 (4 days)
Intermediate Vocal Instruction ($200): July 5 – July 8 (4 days)

Advanced Orchestra ($500): June 13 – June 24 (2 weeks)
Advanced Vocal Instruction ($500): June 20 – July 1 (2 weeks)

All applicants pay a non-refundable $25 application fee.  Applications for students who wish to be considered for need-based or merit-based scholarships are available below.  The program registration deadline is Friday, July 1.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Submit an application for one (or more) WAMA sessions
  2. Pay the $25 application fee
  3. Submit an application for need-based or merit-based scholarships (Optional step)

WAMA and Wildwood Park

WAMA’s facilities are located at Wildwood Park for the Arts. This beautiful park enriches the lives of Arkansans of all ages by creating community through nature and the arts. A 105-acre park, gardens, and 625-seat theatre complex make Wildwood one of our state’s most valuable natural and cultural resources.

We love helping young Arkansans to grow and flourish as musicians. Our distinguished faculty are chosen for their excellence as role models and arts educators.  Our beautiful natural setting, accomplished instructors, and specialized programming come together to create a unique and exciting opportunity for young Arkansas musicians.

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