Wildwood Academy of Music & the Arts (WAMA), Wildwood Park for the Arts’ music festival and summer programming, is designed for students ages 6-18, who are interested in studying music. We would love to have your students join us to hone their skills and continue their pursuit of music through the summer. The Academy’s mission is to bring access to the highest standards in music and arts education to students of all ages and backgrounds in Central Arkansas. Our distinguished faculty are chosen for their excellence as role models and arts educators. Supported by a musically nurturing environment and professional teaching artists, WAMA students are inspired and challenged to grow through the arts.

WAMA’s facilities are located at Wildwood Park for the Arts. This beautiful park enriches the lives of Arkansans of all ages by creating community through nature and the arts. A 105-acre park, gardens, and 625-seat theatre complex make Wildwood one of our state’s most valuable natural and cultural resources.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to help young Arkansans grow and flourish as musicians. From young children finding their interests, intermediate students looking to develop new skills, and advanced students with an eye towards preparing them for University music programs and to undertake music academically and professionally, WAMA offers intensive, but fun, programming for young musicians of all ability levels. A beautiful natural setting, accomplished instructors, and specialized programming come together to create a unique and exciting opportunity for young Arkansas musicians that is not to be missed.